How Much Should You Expect From a Car Accident Settlement?


In this YouTube video, Aimee Gromowsky, a.k.a Aimee the Attorney, gives insight into the value of personal injury cases. The first point made in the video is that you should not trust an accident attorney who guarantees you a certain amount of settlement money. A range of factors goes into the value of a case. […]

Do You Know When to Call Your Personal Injury Lawyer?


You see and hear ads for personal injury lawyers on TV and radio. You probably know that you can call an injury lawyer for a car accident. But you might not know what other cases fall within the scope of personal injury law. All lawyers take the same courses in law school. One of those […]

Tips for Handling Post Car Accident Anxiety


Unfortunately, car accidents are relatively commonplace. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and WebMD, in the United States, someone will suffer a car accident-related injury once every 10 seconds. While many of these injuries may be relatively minor and leave the victim otherwise unscathed, the emotional impact of getting in a car […]

Legal Resources You Can Count on in Times of Personal Crisis


We all have an obligation to keep ourselves, our families, neighbors, and communities safe. Sometimes we need to reshape the way we live. If you are experiencing or know someone experiencing a medical or personal crisis, do you know what steps to take to get you through it? You need to make sure that you […]


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9 Legal Specialties: What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need?


Lawyers make an incredible difference in our lives. That has been true for hundreds of years, it is true now, and it will continue to be true for the foreseeable future. Lawyers tackle everything from ground-breaking, history-making legislation, like the Scopes Trial to everyday matters, like bankruptcy and divorce. Recently, attorneys vowed to fight for […]

steps to take after a loved one dies

From Legal Issues to Funeral Arrangements 9 Steps to Take After a Loved One Dies


The death of a loved one can be a traumatic event. Accidents and other unintentional events are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Deaths that occur due to accidents bring both grief and surprise. However, even if your loved one is in a hospice facility and their death was expected, it is […]

Training Legal Teams To Do Good


The best charity in-house lawyers follow through with projects from beginning to end, according to in-house legal advisor Darren Heath. The lawyer explains the main difference between being an in-house attorney and operating from a contracted, private practice stance. “The key difference is about seeing projects to end,” Heath shares. “Being in-house gives you that […]