How Much Should You Expect From a Car Accident Settlement?

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In this YouTube video, Aimee Gromowsky, a.k.a Aimee the Attorney, gives insight into the value of personal injury cases.

The first point made in the video is that you should not trust an accident attorney who guarantees you a certain amount of settlement money. A range of factors goes into the value of a case.

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It does not always hinge on your medical bills.

In fact, the degree to which your quality of life has been impacted by the accident is the most important factor. If, for example, you are a manual worker and the injuries you sustained in the accident prevent you from going back to work, you will need to hire an economist to calculate what you would have earned from the date of your accident to your retirement. This figure can be a large portion of your settlement.

There is also the emotional impact of the accident. If the accident prevents you from playing with your kids, doing daily exercise, or enjoying intimacy with your spouse, you can be compensated for these losses. You can also get money for any permanent disfigurement.

You may not have large medical bills, but the accident may have had a huge impact on your quality of life. If the latter is the case, your compensation will be based mostly on what you have lost.

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