Never Heard Of A Probate Lawyer? Here Is What They Do

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Specifying how your assets should be allocated after your death might help minimize uncertainty and family disputes. When someone dies, their assets should be transferred per their wishes and state regulations. Scott E Rahn describes what a probate lawyer is and their function in the deceased’s asset distribution in the video “What Does a Probate Lawyer Do? | RMO Lawyers” on his YouTube channel, “RMO Lawyers.”

A probate attorney is a lawyer who the state has licensed to resolve estate matters with the chosen beneficiaries and executor. Their function is to assist the personal administrator of the will and the executor or beneficiaries of an estate in navigating the probate procedure.

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A probate lawyer’s responsibilities include distributing assets, identifying estate assets, and paying debts. Additionally, the lawyer gets the profits of life insurance coverage. Additionally, they assist in resolving income tax concerns at the federal or state level.

You should employ a probate lawyer to assist you in preparing and locating the relevant paperwork at your tax accountant’s office or to represent you in court throughout the probate procedure.


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