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In this video Aurie Styla briefly explains about Dr. Tunde Okewale MBE, Barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, launched the charity Urban Lawyers. The charity’s mission is to make the law (in all of its facets—academic, practical, and professional) more accessible to those who would not otherwise have access to it.

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Urban Lawyers is now administered by a group of young, diverse legal professionals who work in law firms and chambers throughout the United Kingdom as barristers and lawyers.

“One of the things I’m most excited about is being able to inspire and educate everybody who comes into contact with the legal profession. Our work allows students to get insight into the legal profession that they otherwise wouldn’t have.”

To improve social mobility and diversity in an industry that has been restricted to a few, it is committed. Many of the attorneys who donate their time do so because they believe in the mission of Urban Lawyers and because their own communities are underrepresented in the legal profession.

The mission of these lawyers is to provide courses, mentorship, coaching, and networking opportunities to help the legal profession better reflect the diversity of the communities it serves. In addition to regular meetings and university societies, we also maintain a presence on social media to connect with our members.

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