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Bail bond services let an accused person post bail when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. The bail bondsman’s responsibility is to post all of the defendant’s bail money for him. Bail bond agents receive a share of the bail money from the defendant, generally 10%. In this case, the fee is non-refundable.

A bail bonds firm pays the court on behalf of a criminal defendant through a bail bond.

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As a result, it is a form of surety bond.
To be released from county prison before the trial, a defendant must post bail, which is a monetary guarantee that they will pay if they are arrested. After posting bail, the offender is expected to show up at all court dates and adhere to the conditions of his or her release. The whole bail sum is forfeited if the defendant misses a scheduled court appearance.

A bail bondsman can be contacted once the court sets bail. To secure bail, a bondsman, or bail bond agent, will ask the defendant or a family member to pay a portion of the bail fee. The standard percentage is 10%. When the bondsman receives this money, the release procedure may begin. The bail bond agency will typically use collateral to secure the rest of the bail sum. The defendant must sign a contract agreeing to surrender their property if they fail to appear in court to finance the remaining bail.

Bail will be posted on behalf of a defendant if a bondsman has received the fee and is satisfied with the security. To find out more about bail bond services, watch the video.

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