The Reality of Becoming a Local Bail Bondsman

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In this video you learn about the realities facing your local bail bondsman. In this video Ben the bail bondsman answers common questions about the industry. These questions involving learning more about what goes into being a bail bondsman, if the reality of the job is anything like the reality TV version of a bondsman, and how to get in the business.

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The crux of the video is debunking the myth that a job like this involves kicking in doors and being aggressive. This video stresses the point that this is a job and not a cowboy thing. This is a business like any other. It’s not for those who may have been rejected by the police. Being a bail bondsman is not about just putting on a badge and pushing people around. The point is made that this job is about getting people out of jail and helping them. The bounty hunter aspect is the worst part.


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