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There are many reasons people are afraid to seek legal advice, but the major is financing. How do you hire a lawyer when you cannot afford one? Law firms need to consider this fact. How can they come up with strategies to make people afford the services?

The hourly charges of a lawyer are relatively high in most countries. For this reason, very, few people will have the representation of a lawyer in a court case. But this may tend to affect the results of their judgements. Getting your lawyer for defenses in a law court gives you a fair hearing. However, due to the charges that come with having a lawyer, most people, primarily involved in civil cases, defend themselves in court. A good example is the Houston home court, where out of 90 per cent of the people representing 18000 individuals defended themselves in court. This is because they could not incur the charges of a lawyer due to affordability.

In the video “a path to affordable legal services’ by Kevin Miller keeps us informed on artificial intelligence.

How will the law firms render self-service to their clients? Can the law firm services be more affordable? How efficient can the legal services be? Where do people get lawyers? These are some of the questions that people seek legal advice ranging from divorce lawyers, bankruptcy attorney and other types of lawyers. Law firms can make their services cheaper through technology. Although some software helps law firms, the system does not get to the clients directly. What do I mean by this? Some law firms have embraced the software but have not made it accessible to clients. Assuming they were to give access to the clients, the software will go a long way in meeting their clients’ demands. Additionally, the law firms will have found a solution into reducing the overcharged prices for their clients. Rendering online legal services by lawyers will also have made it easier and faster for both their clients and the law firms.

For this reason, Kevin Miller sites the importance of law firms embracing artificial intelligence. As much as it may lower the clients’ costs, legal services will be guarantee reliability and accessibility. The number of people seeking assistance in a law firm will also increase. What is better than giving services to as many people as you can? Imagine how good it would be to meet your clients demands through artificial intelligence. A lot of time will also be saved due to access to the necessary information online. Processes that took a

month may take a few days. Law firms need to embrace technology. Legal services should be made accessible, cheaper and faster.

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