3 Tips from a Slip and Fall Attorney

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Slip and fall cases can happen inside stalls, businesses, or sidewalks. Knowing the basics of these cases is essential to help you know what has to be proven. Doing so will help you gather the proper evidence, which will be instrumental in winning a court case.

The first thing to prove is the negligence of the business or person in charge in pushing for compensation claims. In these cases, you have to prove precisely what made you fall.

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Further to this, you have to prove that the owner or manager knew of the problem or that the problem was there long enough to require a fix.

The second tip is that your awareness of a probable danger is not considered a problem because you are expected by law to protect yourself. However, if the threat is brutal to see or involves distractions, the owner is responsible for failing to fix it. Lastly, ensure your statement is made only after you have spoken to a certified slip and fall attorney for guidance and direction. Doing so will help you avoid common traps from insurance companies and help you best explain what happened.

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