What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

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This YouTube video, Continuing Education of the Bar, discusses the role of a family law attorney. A family law attorney helps families with legal relationships navigate through some of the most stressful times in their lives.

When a person or a family involves a family lawyer, usually there is a marriage dissolving, family custody matters need to be revisited, or guardianship matters need assistance.

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These lawyers help with property division, pre-nuptial agreements, domestic violence issues, adoptions, and more.

Family law practitioners spend much of their day researching the law, preparing papers, meeting with families, and going to court. Each day can differ in duties depending on what needs to happen. If a person is interested in working in family law, they should learn to do so and so very well. It can be an area of the law where it is easy to practice poorly, and doing so isn’t advised.

A person can learn more about family law practice by attending seminars and obtaining mentors in the field. To get their feet wet, budding students should read legal treatises on the matter. Other reputable publications may be helpful to read.

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