How to Conduct Legal Research

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In this video, you will learn about law research. Conducting legal research within the practice is complex, but rewarding. When you are in law school, it is a different aspect than when you are in the field working on a case.

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First, make sure you site the sources you are looking at. If you find a case that will help your case, note it up. See if the case you are looking at had a law change since then. It is really important to know and learn. The QuickSite function will show you the history of the case. Sentencing research oftentimes won’t give you all of the facts that were issued by the judge. When you hit the QuickSite functii, it will give you any other time that the case was in court. Learning how to note up legislation is also important. She is working in criminal law. She recently had an impaired driving case. A great thing for her to do was note up legislation. She was able to note up that particular case to see what cases are recent in that area. One thing she wishes she paid attention to in law school was how to determine how something came into force.

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